Why does the IAM hold these domain names?

The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) registered these domain names in 2011 and makes them
available without charge for the benefit of the International Standards Organization (ISO)
and their
Technical Committee
responsible for ISO55000: ISO / TC251

The IAM and BSI are very proud that BSI PAS 55:2008 became the default global standard for asset management.  Having initiated the project to produce an International Standard, we were delighted by the enthusiastic and wide participation in this work.

During the initial Project (which we initiated via BSI - see 'History' below), we became aware of an increasing number of domains and websites that referred to the new Standards.  The IAM deprecates and objects to this attempt to profit commercially from work that has been done by Professional Associations and other well-intentioned contributors. 

We remind IAM Members of our Code of Conduct and request that any such domains be turned into 'redirects' to the official website.  We are willing to hold such domains and pay the ongoing costs of providing these routes to the official ISO website.

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